2023-2024 Season Standings Update – Feb 13

All qualifying events for the 2023-2024 season in Longshanks have now been entered into the NAFT database! If you have an event that did not use Longshanks, please submit events.

These are the players who currently are qualifying for spots in the 2024 US Faux Tour Masters event! These standings will update every time we upload new results:

Masters Spots

Players currently with masters slots.
PlayerConferenceConference RankConference Pts
176Jeremy PosnerCapital City1273
228Maurice RobinsonCapital City2231
130Grant HealeeCapital City3181
241Nick SalamoneCentral1132
380Jared StockstillCentral299
447Paul- ???Central375
169Doug BromanCentral472
1Cole ThomasGreat Lakes1240
114Joe PecoraroGreat Lakes2225
170Nathan LinderGreat Lakes3222
61Landon SheehanGreat Lakes4171
4Nathan LuckettGreat Lakes5159
19Jonathan EylesLone Star1452
220Travis RuleLone Star2441
46Bryan BauerLone Star3228
48Carlo DecaniniLone Star4225
173Angel FernandezPacific Northwest1220
259Tyler ArensPacific Northwest2207
235Peter BannisterPacific Northwest3200
34Ambrose IngramPacific Northwest4198
261Rob ShutlerPacific Northwest5177
27Nick KalninsPacific Northwest6167
105Jesse EllisWild Card2672
111Doug BowmanWild Card3592
63David LongtinWild Card4563
66Peter KainWild Card7529
323Noble Solana-WalkinshawWild Card13432
17Andre DemingsWild Card14423
5Roman HechenbergerWild Card15411
70Brandon LaneNortheastern1269
79Austin ClarkNortheastern2185